***Contest Prizes:
*Third prize in the professional category during the prestigious international « Raks Sharqi Contest”, Berlin, June 2009.
— Organized by Beata and Horacio Cifuentes —
*Audience prize during the tribute night to  Nagwa Fouad and Raqia Hassan, december 2007. 
— Organized by Farida Seidi —
***A selection of performances:
            *On stage:


"Oriental Tanz Show", Zurich, november 2014, organized by Alzena


« Festival International de Danse Orientale », Lyon, april 2014. Organized by Hafida Chader. With Munique Neith, Mo Geddawi...

-Solo performance and contest jury member- 
"The beauty of dance", Stuttgart, Allemagne, November 2013, organized by Bseisa. 


« Tanz Durch den Orient », Pohlheim, Germany, June 2013. Organized by Waltraud and Alenya. With Nicole Mac Laren…
— Solo performance and workshop —

« Festival International de Danse Orientale », Lyon, France, April 2013. Organized by Hafida Chader. With Raqia Hassan, Mo Geddawi, Leyla Jouvana, Lucie Pascalis, Aziza Abdul Ridha…
— Solo performance and contest jury member —

« Leil el Abir », Lyon, march 2013, organized by Lucie Pascalis.  With Khaled Mahmoud, Lucie Pascalis, Lolie …
— Solo and group performance —
 « Ouest Oriental », Paris, January 2013. Organized by Tabla Duo. With Sahar Okasha, Sirine, Tabla Duo, Naïra, Sorahia…
— Solo performance, contest jury member, and workshop —

« Semiramis by night », Zürich (Switzerland), march 2012. Organized by Alzena. With Alzena, Nicole Mac Laren, Lya…
— Solo performances and workshop —

« Dalla », aris, march 2011. Organized by Nabila Henni Chebra. With Soraya Zaied du Caire, Lolie, Myrto, Semsemah…
— Show with the « Compagnie Farida Seidi » —

« Dina la Diva », Saint Etienne, France, October  2010, organized by Farida Seidi. With Dina from Cairo.
— Group and solo performances as part of the Farida Seidi troup —
« Mélanges », Paris, may 2010. Organized by Yaël Zarca and « l’association Mounia Sultana”. With Orit Maftsir, Yaël Zarca, Lolie, Leïla…
— Solo performance —

 « Reflet », Tassin la demi-lune, June 2009, organized by Cadanse.
— Solo performance —

            *Show organizing and managing:

« Club Bellydance »yon 8th may 2012. With the American troupe « Bellydance Superstars », Delya, Lucie Pascalis, Imayane, Natacha, Ashaanty Project…
— Managing and organizing upon Miles Copland request —



            *Miscellaneous performances:

Oriental evenings with orchestra: Casino le Pharaon, Casino le Lyon vert, Hôtel Hilton, Brasserie Georges, Interpol…

Events: « Sex and the City 2  preview », cité internationale, Lyon. Organized by Repérage Shopping/ Gala at the Ninkasi Kao/ The « Arts et métiers » Gala at l’Abbaye  de Cluny/ The Paul Bocuse’ abbey…

 Weddings and cultural events: France, Lebanon, Germany, Spain…

Bachelorette parties:: animation,  danse course, teaching of a little choregraphie to reproduce the day of wedding !

Group performances with folkloric “Dabkeh” troupe, Byblos, Lebanon.

 « Zaman El Choq », Lebanese Television movie: performance as an oriental dancer, with the Lebanese comedian Majdi Machmouchi.
— Lebanon, august 2011 —
***Teachings and workshop:
Since May 2013: Classes at « Jardins de Semiramis », Zurich, Switzerland.
Since 2010: Workshops supon request : France, Germany, Switzerland…
September 2008/June 2010: Classes at « Cadanse, Danse et Fitness », Lyon, France.
Private lessons,  covering various themes : choreographies, wedding preparation, training sessions.
Solo and group Choreography creation upon request from dancers or troupes.


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